We are flushing water lines through fire hydrants beginning Monday, September 21st through Friday, October 1st, starting at 8am until approximately 6pm. Please use caution where flushing occurs and watch for pooling of water in roadways. Please especially be aware of our servicemen working in these areas.

Drinking water may seem cloudy for short periods of time but will eventually clear up and is safe for consumption. If discolored water is observed, please let your faucets run until the water clears. If you have any problems please contact our office at 859-498-0166. In case of emergencies after hours you may call our water treatment plant at 859-498-5371. 


 Greenbrier Reservoir is open for the 2020 Season. 

Please visit our office at 300 E Main Street in Mt Sterling to purchase a pass.

Daily Passes are $5.00 per person

Seasonal Family Passes are $60.00 ($50.00 if you purchased a seasonal pass with a card last season)

Seasonal Pass holders have access to the lake 7 days a week, from daylight until dark. The season runs from March 1st until October 31st, 2020.

- No fishing permitted after dark - No swimming permitted - No gasoline motors permitted